Are you a Garage Person?

Some folks love their garages.  Are you a garage person?  Is your place for random storage and oodles of boxes and junk or a clean and organize work space for parking and tinkering?  For so many home buyers the garage is an important feature, yet everybody has their own idea on how to put it to its best use.

So are you a person with a 3 car garage and at least two cars in the driveway all the time or do you have to clear a path to find your way through?  To be honest I never learned the real value of a garage until I spent my first winter in upstate NY without one.  Scraping snow off windows and the roof of your car will definitely give you second thoughts about better use for your garage than storage.

3660 Neeley Hollow Rd. Columbia TN


Typically when we list a house we focus on clearing the clutter out of the main living space.  Usually that means renting a storage unit or having a garage sale or just crowding the cars out of the garage and heaping piles of boxes and stuff into every nook and cranny of the garage .  But if you really want to make an impression prospective buyers you should have that garage clean and empty of everything but the cars and perhaps a tool shelf.   A painted or stained floor or the special garage flecking on the floor will certainly impress the car junkie of the home shopper’s family.  Moreover a clean and organized garage says a lot about the condition and state of repair of the rest of the house.  If people are meticulous about their garage you can be certain that they are equally meticulous about the rest of the house.

Check out the photo of this garage at our listing at 3660 Neeley Hollow Rd. in Columbia, TN.  You know that like the garage, the rest of the house is well maintained.

To learn more about this house check out the video here, or the prior blog here, or the listing on my website.



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