Is Moving My Best Option – Part I

Is Moving My Best Option – Part I   See also Parts I , II, III,  IV

What Are Our Other Options?   …Renovation, Refinancing, Remodeling,  Adding On

Renovating Your House

Often enough it happens that once we get clients to make improvements and touch-ups to get ready to sell, they actually have second thoughts about leaving the house they never knew could look so good.  While we only get paid when we sell their house and we spend quite of time, money and resources to prep a house to sell we are pleased that we can make our clients happy with the home they already have.  Pleased but no better off for our efforts.

This brings me to the point.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of renovating to make your current house your dream house.  It just takes some expert advice now and then to point you in the right direction.  A bit of paint, some handy man choore or a honey-do list, new flooring, cabinet or counter kitchen upgrades, or new fixtures can transform the old house and make it feel new again.  So, it all depends on why you want to move.  If it is just because you are tired of the same old same old then renovate.  If you need to down-size, up-size, change of neighborhood or lifestyle then paint, spit and polish isn’t going to get you there.

Check out some before and after home staging and renovating photos that we’ve done and follow the link at the page bottom to see 7 Home Improvement and Remodeling Ideas that Increase Your Value (And What to Avoid) from Money Crashers.  A few of their ideas with my twists are:

 1) A simple kitchen remodel

2) Bathroom Addition (in particular if you are limited on bathrooms)

3) Re-inventing a room (if the kids are gone that “toy room” might make an excellent office/study)

4) Energy efficient windows (in colder climates in particular)

5) Deck or patio addition (outdoor spaces can be huge home attractions)

6) Insulation (the article has this but unless you are drafty and showing in the winter months it is out of site out of mind – in my opinion)

7) Basic updates, ie. fresh paint, clean windows and sills, crawlspace  or basement dampness, etc.


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